The first Honours workshop series in 2019 will be Advanced Writing in Quantitative Research by Fang Yang.  It will involve two 2-hour workshop sessions designed to show you how to write longer quantitative essays with introduction, methods, results and discussion sections.  This workshop was developed with the guidance of psychology teaching staff and tutors, and will include activities throughout.  There will also be examples of real student writing submitted in previous years.

You can pick and choose from the dates on hand, but you should generally try to attend Part 1 before attending Part 2.

  Early February Late February March
Part 1: Introduction & Methods Feb 13 @ 14:00 Feb 20 @ 10:00 Mar 19 @ 16:00
Part 2: Results & Discussion Feb 14 @ 10:00 Feb 21 @ 16:00 Mar 20 @ 16:00