Workshop: Using the library with Anne Donnelly

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Do you really know how to use the library?  Or do you only seem to use a fraction of the resources that are available?  Anne Donnelly, the Academic Support Librarian for PPLS, will help you develop better research strategies.  This workshop is available to students taking PPLS courses at all levels — while many of the techniques covered are suited to larger research projects, it is best to learn about them as early in your career as possible.

You will find out how to…

The following topics will also be covered: the Centre for Research Collections, the Society of College, National and University Libraries, & Digital Skills and Training.

If you are interested, please book now to reserve a seat on November 26th at 14:10 (location tba) and fill out the pre-session questionnaire to let us know which topics are most interesting for you.

An interview with Anne Donnelly

Anne Donnelly, PPLS Academic Librarian
Anne Donnelly, PPLS Academic Librarian

Starting this month, we’ll be hosting a series of workshops developed and delivered by Anne Donnelly, the Academic Support Librarian for the School of PPLS.  Her job is to support both staff and students with everything related to the library.  I sat down with her last week to talk about her role within PPLS and some of the ways in which she can help students to do their research more effectively.

Could you tell me a bit about what Academic Support Librarians do?

Essentially, I try to make sure that the library does what it says on the tin for the School I support, namely PPLS. My role is really just about trying to resolve any issues with library services for students or staff. I also act as the School’s advocate in that I will represent any issues they have to the library on their behalf. I’ll also certainly explain to the School any library policies regarding the services and resources we provide for them.

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LEL Workshop: Writing Linguistics Funding Applications

This afternoon, there will be a workshop on how to write funding applications in linguistics.  It has been organised by a group of PhD students in LEL with mentoring from teaching staff, and will run from 14:00 to 16:00 in Seminar Room 6 in the Chrystal MacMillan Building.  Reservations are not necessary — simply show up if you are interested.

The PPLS Writing Centre isn’t directly involved with this workshop, but we can redirect your questions to the right people.